• PlastEurasia istanbul 2022

    PlastEurasia istanbul 2022
    31th International Istanbul Plastics Industry Fair
    23 - 26 November, 2022
    Visit us at: Stand 905

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  • China Plas 2019

    Automotive Industry
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    Advanced Polymeric Solutions
    - Automotive - Home appliance
    -Electrical Industry - Additives
    -Environmental Friendly Products
    - Chair -Pipe - Railway

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PPS Innovation Products

PPS Innovation Company Presents Its Products Under Six Brands. Impact Modified Materials In InnoFlex Category, Stiff Compounds With Controlled Shrinkage In InnoFill Basket, Additive Masterbatches In InnoAdd Family, Blends Of Engineering Thermoplastics In InnoAlloy Grades, Nano-Engineered And Nano-Composite Formulations In InnoNano Group, And Our Eco-Friendly Solutions Are Delivered To The Market Under The InnoBio Brand. All Our Material Grades, Their Physical And Mechanical Properties, As Well As Their Color, Are Customizable Upon The Customer’s Request.

The Simulator Uses Polymer

PPS Innovation Company Produces Compounds Based On Commodity Thermoplastic Resins Like PP, PE, PET, As Well As Engineering Resins Like PA, PC, PBT, And ABS. Several Years Of Experience In Design And Development Of Advanced Polymeric Compounds Has Made PPS Innovation Enable To Have Specific Solutions In Different Industries Including, Automotive, Construction, Packaging, Agriculture, And Home Appliances.



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